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4T's Productions

590 Madison Ave
New York,  NY 10022

Phone: (212) 521-4132

4T's Productions

4T's Productions - Teaching Teens to Think was founded in 1992 by Kayode Bentley. Born and raised in the inner-city himself, he faced many of the same challenges as today's inner-city students.

Once Kayode realized he ran the risk of not graduating high school by slacking off in school, he refocused his attention to his education. This focus led to his successful IT career at several Fortune 500 companies.

Kayode's ability to reach students on a personal level motivates them to actively engage in 4T's presentations and workshops.

Teaching Teens to Think is an education nonprofit that helps inner-city youth finish school & plan their career

4T's - Productions - Teaching Teens to Think is an education nonprofit based in NYC. We re-engage inner-city students in their education by identifying their skills through our individualized programs and services.

We are an education/youth development nonprofit located in Manhattan. Our programs and services currently serve the five boroughs

Our mission is to end the school-to-prison pipeline for inner-city students by engaging them in their education

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Founded: October 10, 1992

Categories: Business Services, Education, Educational Service, Non-Profit Organization

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Past Events

  • Round Table Meeting
    06:00 PM - 10/09/2015

    At 4T's Productions

    **EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! We are having a FREE Round Table Meeting THIS Friday (10/9) from 6pm to 8pm. The topic of our meeting will be: "Current issues and news...

  • Panel Discussion
    05:00 PM - 04/09/2015

    At 4T's Productions

    We will be having a FREE Panel Discussion. Our invited Panelists will: - Share the experiences they faced in attaining an education and a career. - Provide...

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